BIGFOOT – KRYDER / Ortiz mtn spectrograph of recordings 5 5 2012 seg 1 share

Comparative spectral analysis of the Ortiz Mtn recordings of 5 5 2012 seg 1. Several animal and other noises are demonstrated in a multi-spectrum display to offer a comparison and eliminate the known animals as the cause of the howls we recorded. This also offers a chance to get a good look at BF communication over both short and long ranges. Clicks, bangs, knocks, grunts, whistles and loud howls can be clearly made out. This is all in just 10:00 min of the 3:24 hr total that has great sound evidence throughout. Even one of the BF encountering aggressive dogs and dealing with them …

Recordings made from 2 miles + with large parabolic microphone mounted 20′ off the ground to a mobile filed research laboratory. Focused in a heavily wooded rugged canyon around the 8,000′ level of the North face of the Ortiz Mountains. We have had a BF here at home base messing with water and the horse barn. A sonic survey was implemented of the near mountain in April. Many anomalous recordings were made. This is a 10 minute clip of the over 3 hour recording made on the night of May-5-2012. This clip starts 10 minutes into the recording and is of a 10 minute duration. A second mic was positioned on the base of the mountain and has yet to be evaluated at this time. It was run several hours earlier in the evening. Much more was recorded on this run and will be posted at a later date. Clips from earlier recording will also be made available.

Original 10:00 seg 1 clip –

Compare to the recordings made by the Navajo Police and a TV crew:

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