BIGFOOT – KRYDER / VIDEO 94′-95′ Read Description. Real.

100% authentic encounter, shaky because we were jogging through the trees and this was before fancy image stab. Shot in 95′ but not released until 2008 as the result of requests from those who had seen the vid over time. This video is not fake and at the time we didn’t know what we were looking at. Just that it was huge and watching us. I tried to tell myself it was a ceder tree. When we returned to the spot it was standing, there was no tree, only a set of large prints. In the full HD vid (1-2-3) and enhancement its face is clear. It does move its left arm and shoulder. Over the next 8 years I encountered it a lot but never succeeded in getting a pick as it was always in the dark. I lived in a tent in the valley for mo solid and encountered it almost every night.
We shot this video during the search for old buried loot in an remote area of the southwest. The location of the cache was based on advanced satellite data. We are not Bigfoot researchers or weren’t at the time… and seek no fame or we would have released this long ago. Its just time people see videos of REAL hidden wonders. Spending as much time in the field as we do and in the places we go, doing the type of work we do, we have been exposed to everything out there and sometimes, fortunate enough to have a camera ready to catch it…
As we dropped off the mesa tops to traverse a valley, we entered thick growth mesquite trees. Making our way through we entered a clearing and John Frost yelled “BIGFOOT”… I didn’t even look up, I just switched on the cam and started pointing it in the direction John was looking. But I saw nothing in the trees, he pointed up and said “on the mesa”… I looked and pointed the cam. This is where the video of the animal starts, the clip is uncut and in total.
The animal was the only thing out there that was black/dark and popped out 1/2 mile to the east facing the setting sun. we had a very short time to get in and out of the area so I kind of I convinced myself it was a tree and took off. It was my first sighting.
2 days later, with the help of the landowners son, “Shane”, and a visit to the spot “it” was standing. It was determined the animal was bipedal, 11-12ft tall, with feet over 16in long (length to width ratio 2,7 to 1 and, their was NO TREE! Standing where it stood I could barley see over the hill and we could see it from the waist up!
This is raw footage taken in the fall of 1994, with a JVC digital tape cam (one of the first). It was sampled off the tape in Jan 95′ with a Samsung sports mini DV cam as the bridge off a VCR. This movie clip was produced using Arcsoft VI movie maker.
Soon after this was shot, I moved out onto this remote location and stayed about 1/4 mile from this spot for 8 months in a tent. During which time I and others encountered this animal many times. I myself have been 5 feet from it on the dark trail at night and seen it in open sight at 30ft away by full moon light. We nicknamed it Harry. Their are at least 2 more in a 60 mile radius. We have collected scat(feces), tools and food remains like emu and cattle bones/flesh, prickly pair cactus, juniper berries etc…
Later in 95′ we bought “Snappy” hardware/software and gathered the first video stills. Enhancement of these resulted in mapping facial features, fingers, ribs, abs, genitals, eyes, nose… We are still hoping to sample and enhance this tape with up to date technology.
Full production and enhancement in HD 1080i:

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