01 20-23 2014 Investigation of the KX GLST W study area and cam installation. Evidence documentation/ collection. Hominid (Bigfoot) trackway featuring foot prints and hand prints of 2 young subjects (B) and (C). Prints of the larger subject (A), presumed to be the mother, were also found but as normal were on medium that would not offer good casts/ measure. Prints of subject (B) are familiar being seen on several occasions during the winter months for 2 years, normally along side the larger prints of subject (A). Subject (B) appears to be growing since our last photo record of its prints in Oct of 2012, in which the foot print was 7.5″. Now as of Jan 20 2014, 14 months later, they are 9.0″. In addition to and new to the study data are foot prints of an infant with 5.0″ feet walking with the help of the older subject (B). Subject (B) seems to be short stepping while holding the hand of the much smaller subject (C) who is using its hand and knuckles to assist itself. Both are lifted from the ground eventually by the large subject (A) who has 15″ feet. Note @ 4:42 , the print ( of subject (B) )is very strange, with a huge diverged big toe (both feet) and what may be 6 toes on the right foot only. Comparison of the perfect 9″ print cast of (B) and that of a massive 22″ print subject PLSA (A), huge male, perhaps 12′ tall, living 40 miles away showed identical morphology, in form, dimension and structure. Even the dermal pattern is somewhat similar. The males seem to have this over-sized divergent big toe and hyper flexible-spread foot. The females feet seem much more slender, lack the over-sized big toe and are more curved. From what is seen here and through comparative analysis, I feel that we are seeing the prints of a juvenile male and an infant female, put down for a few moments and then retrieved by the parent. From this we moved onto place game games and record evidence encountered,scat etc…. In the last segment I cast prints and then re-examine upstream two days later in the snow to find (B)’s prints moving back downstream. Cheers* Link to study report on FB :

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