Dropping into a 6,000′ deep canyon from over 10,000′ elev in search of an access route to a hidden but exposed cave in very very rugged terrain. And examining the 200 to 300 foot wide ledges between the 300 to 800 foot tall cliffs for evidence of Bigfoot (Homo Sapiens Cognatus) cryptid hominid presence. The search yields 18″ footprints, foliage damage and manipulation and debatable photos of a subject peering up through dense cover at long range. Being a mere dark dot I did not include the stills. The amount, size and worse, the location of the BF tracks and the path they took greatly disturbed my big wall guy almost to a panic. As these prints came up from the 800′ edge of a cliff below us, up the talace slide slope and straight up the next 300′ cliff above us… My climber just said no way… In one spot the first then even close to a finger hold was 12′ high. The man 1000′ below our position reported up at one point that something was throwing small stones through the trees at him. We eventually locate the cave/mine access and explore the inside. Originally mined out by Aztec/Tewa natives for Montezuma, then Old Spain, then again later after the revolt. Eventually the families being massacred in total after closing the rich mines. After exploring the focus hole, I find another still partially filled with ancient concrete.

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