KX-GLST WAKING THE GIANT – VIDEO OF THE HUGE MALE BIGFOOT (subject A) FROM 35′ AWAY… He can be seen watching over the foliage @ 11:12 to 11.40 and 14:11 at a distance of 35′. This is a video compiled from the clips recorded the afternoon I accidentally awoke the giant male at GLST on April 02, 2016. After 4.5 years of study on the that family group we had finally found his footprints for the first time. At over 23″ long they were incredible and showed just how big the large male of this group is. The day following the giants footprints discovery, I went back in alone to try to find some prints good enough to cast… As it happens I found much more than just his prints, I found him as well.
A clear vocal “growl” from him can be heard at 25:15 (25.03 on the screen time stamp). Whenever the timer turns red you hear either footsteps or vocals from the subjects.

I cannot express how scared I was during this …. Seeing him raise from a lying position and rolling to his feet and hands in an instant of explosive movement was un-comprehensible. My legs tried to run. I had to fight my own body to turn on the camera and proceed.
A follow-up investigation was done the following day also. I need to produce that as well I guess. Also, this was uploaded at 720P but originally taken in 1080P. So maybe I will put together a complete and higher resolution version.

And for the lack of resource or fossils argument –
I have examined literally thousands of piles of scat. Any given area a particular family occupies becomes quickly littered with scat. Often I find over a dozen piles from a single night and 40 to 60 piles total after three or four days before they move on etc… It is semantics at that point as it proves that some group of very large omnivorous creatures are indeed finding enough food to generate that amount of scat…. Enough for a 6-7 subject family group. Making the food point mute, since if whatever these creatures are that are producing it can do it, then so could the Bigfoot species. Straight foreword logic. Either way that is presumptuous and bias making that statement without examination of the habitat. What exact food resource are you regarding to? In order to even make that assumption you have to know what they eat to know if there is enough, as well how far to travel to get it and how much effort it takes to get, then factor the efficiency of the creature and food value of whatever those food resources chosen. In fact, I could take any anthropologist or biologist and show them things to eat they would never consider. Some of this wisdom gleaned from tracking and observing Bigfoot behavior. For instance, you mention meat…. But that is not a very good food source by itself. There are many many more high energy foods out there. And how efficient is the creature? A deer is 5 times more efficient than a cow on the same feed. Regardless- A group of mountain gorilla require a 30 sq Km range and they primarily consume leaf vegetation which is hard to digest and does nothing for mobility. The family group at GLST uses a range of twice that at 60 sq km. And they are highly mobile with great efficiency consuming very little leaf vegetation. From hundred’s of these subjects scat piles over a 5 year period I know exactly what they consume… and it’s almost everything. This range area they occupy has 285 species of vertebrates including deer, mountain lion, porcupine, coyote etc… a myriad array of birds and over 1000 species of insects etc… As well as hundreds of edible plant species include, New Mexico olive, yucca, juniper, pinion and many more including seed grasses. Some of these the highest energy sources on earth… most of which we have found in their scat including porcupine. Not jungle leaves etc… These creatures forage, gather and hunt, both individually and collectively. As well the younger subjects often raid surrounding farms of livestock such as goat, sheep, even horse and cows. They as well raid feeders of seed and we even know which wild bird feeders they were raiding by the mix in their scat. Funny how this valley had enough resources for 600,000 people to be living when Spain rolled up, but now you say there’s not enough resources for a family group of 6 to 7 Bigfoot subjects…. That doesn’t add up!
The genetics have been done, Zoobank genetic library, a listing of the earths flora and fauna has accepted and listed the species – “Homo Sapians Cognatus”. This and the fact we and others in these studies now have physical evidence like flesh, hair, saliva, dermal prints, foot prints, hand-prints, finger prints, fecal material, food remnant, bite impressions photographs, etc…and are collecting more all the time of a living species makes the fossil record mute.
Poor science to exclude based on an absence. Since everything was absent until found.

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