This presentation shows a remote recon of our research area GLST- Loc (A) using a vehicle mount thermal camera on the 26th. The sound track was recorded using long range equipment focused on vocals coming from the same Loc (A) site two days later on the 28th. In between the two separate remote recon operations, on the night of the 27th, we went in and found and examined what appeared to be a den/nursery cell/s and recovered both scat and hair in the subzero temps. The following morning of the 28th, is when the BF vocals were heard/ recorded coming from the exact spot we had found and investigated the nursery. Presumably in protest of our entry into their brooding area as this was the first and only morning “daylight” vocals ever heard in over a year of listening to and recording this BF group or since.

We went back in and planted Game cams, one outside the entrance to the den cells and one inside the den cell where the scat was recovered. Vocals were finally heard coming from the den location 3 days later. That was 2 weeks ago at the time of this writing and the cams are still in place. Time will tell what they will show.

More data and pics available on FB : Search Kryder Exploration llc, or , KX CRYPTID-HOMINID RESEARCH GROUP – NM – BIGFOOT

AUDIO WITNESS: “I awoke first and went out to our truck to retrieve my sprite when I suddenly became aware of a constant sound, it was so long however I didn’t quite register what I was hearing until a second voice joined in, I immediately ran inside and woke Robert Kryder, who had the audio recorder running within seconds. As usual it takes hours upon hours to go through the data and run it through the spectrum analyzer”.- Melissa Thompson.

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