Expedition onto Ortiz Mtn to investigate the origin of a creature/s reported and experienced around the Galisteo and Gold Mind Rd areas. And to as well discover evidence of “whatever” was the origin of the 3.5 hrs of howls, complex vocals, foot steps, groaning, pipe and stick knocks, dog interaction, whooping frenzies … This presentation shows what may be the subject itself, some of the evidence, migration trail, the terrain, the habitat, the habits and traits of the subject in its natural environment including feeding and a stone tool of recent manufacture and use. And how they deal with people as well as other animals like hunting deer with the aid of crudely “fenced” areas that funnel deer to ambush locations. Even “stick traps” made of layers of sticks stacked atop one another in a 90 deg crosshatched pattern, 3 – 4 levels deep and partially filled with leaves that prevent any passage without making audible reports and revealing position. These would be about 6′ – 7′ ft long in pinch points in the only available passages through either dense or purposefully blocked trees/brush. Brilliant! As well we show assembled and maintained lookout used to view the valley and homes below. Title soundtrack – Cryptid-Hominid “Bigfoot” vocals recorded by Rob Kryder of KX.

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