KX-FS-BF-CRST 11 26 2016 This is a compilation video taken during an attempted entry to the CRST Lodge feature area. This is the full length HD version showing entry, tracking, finding and tracking severe human injury blood trail for over a mile and the following report to an off-duty USFS Ranger.The blood trail extended beyond 3/4 of a mile down hill toward the lodge feature, (after this tracking it 1/4 mile the other direction making a one mile total blood trail, the persons man and woman went in and were on their way back out, man was bleeding). This loc is marked as the BF territory boundary edge and even though we did not go to the lodge perimeter zone, shows examples of the type and size used by this BF group. This type of manipulation and damage starts at this line and continues to within 1000′ or so from the lodge, then it gets extreme. At that point every bow and branch below 40′ has been removed from every tree and all ground foliage has been removed. Whole trees in the hundreds that have been carried in, many larger than what we see here are stacked tightly lying in every direction up to 5 high. Making a zone around the lodge that is nearly impassable. All the branches and bows where found to be piled on top of the lodge feature, a massive pile of trees each over 40′ long stacked and woven into what looks like a giant bever dam about 70′ foot long and 35′ or 40′ high. It is located deep at the bottom of a finger hill almost concealed by the terrain. It is centered between 3 springs and has unbelievable BF structures in and around the surrounding perameter area. Five of my guys went through and witnessed all of this and it left a lasting impact. This video was taken far off the main trail that runs close to the lodge area but within the BF boundary line. Up to 30 people came up missing with no sign in one year in the past around here. And this continues to this day on occasion. I have experienced communication and even being rushed by this group before but far out on the outer boundary like this loc. Seeing a person bleeding out with every pump of the heart coming up out of there is not as surprising as it should be based on the info a USFS veteran ranger told us. These subjects are massive and aggressive. Had we not discovered this injury retreat trackway and followed it etc… looking for the source loc or the people, we may have made it to the lodge. It has remained a nagging memory for all of us… We will at sometime return to document the loc.

– We spoke to an off duty USFS when we got off the mountain many hours later into the night after helping out 4 older persons who were stranded at 9,500′ in the clouds at night until their ride showed up. We asked what reports came down off the mountain that day… They said nothing had, then she asked a man there (USFS). He took it serious, came to our table and said he wanted to know as someone may be hurt or may have been murdered… he was thinking we meant by the parking lot etc… and then he just wanted exact loc even more than any details and said he wondered if it was “worth his time to go out there”… and “people would have heard a shot”. But once he learned details and the exact loc his face changed, he excused it several ways, but had a very dry look about him… said there was good cell service there if someone was hurt… it might be a poacher… And that “no missing person reports were filed”. But we should report it to the Sandia Ranger etc… I told him “we are telling you now” . Should have seen him when I told him it was a man and woman and they were off the main trail… He dried right up like “that’s it”. The guy is a younger ranger but I am sure he knew what’s up. The veterans are who told us and had us take a real look originally. He and his party immedeatly left and I assumed he did his job… ? At at about 1 am they recovered people off the mountain who said their ph batt was dead… So SR used FLIR from a helicopter to find them alive. No mention of injury. This may have or not been the same people.

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