KX GLST 02 02-03 2012 INVESTIGATION – THERMAL AND AUDIO RECON – Results positive with diverse multi-source vocals and quick thermal video capture of BF study subject. Grunts, howls, whistles, clicks, footsteps, twig breaks, wood knocks, moans etc… INVESTIGATION SUMMERY : “”When we arrived at the immediate area we setup a 13″ P-mic dish and amp to headphones and did sound recon. This was done from 30′ above the research area which made position determination of the sound source possible. – With this amplified listening set-up it is possible to hear a stick break at 100’s of yards. – During this sound recon session of 30 – 40 min, we heard a couple stick breaks with our ears, but with the 13” P-mic, we heard foot steps, twigs, brushing trees, low moan. – When we descended and entered it went silent until we got in 280′ to the main “trail” N-S… Then came four very strange sounds which each sounded like that shreek a rabbit makes only once, as it dies… But these were four in number and 8 to 10 min apart, and perfectly clear with no other noise at all from the same location not 75′ from us? We knew it was no rabbit. Coyotes, or what sounded strange for coyotes were heard and then normal coyote sounds were heard from the opposite direction. When we were on our way out and nearing the exit of the labyrinth of “tunnels” hewn out of the thorns and trees we heard the near perfect imitation of a Leopard frog two times a couple seconds apart … Yet it was only 20 degrees at most and everything including the sandy riverbed were frozen solid. The entire time there was a 30″ P-mic dish set up above us on the 30′ bank opposite the research area but it was focused in a tight pattern. It picked up howls, the screams, many grunts, moans etc that were not heard with our ears….. One note on the evidence stood out, we noticed hundreds of places where sticks had been woven into the surrounding thicket “walls” as we moved through the tight cleared passages. Yet almost no debris on the floor ??? It had all been picked up and stuck into the sides of the tunnel-like labyrinth of dense Salt Ceder and Russian Olive trees/brush( both with 2″+ long thorns). Many large branches, up to 20′ long had been carried/ dragged around inside as well and some had been placed above in tree gaps. Other large living trees had been manipulated, bent or broken to modify the tree and “tunnel/cavities” as well.”

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