Intense footage- not for the weak. Investigative report on a goat kill incident associated with the Bigfoot ( Homo Sapiens Cognatus) GLST family unit. All evidence indicates and supports that two young BF came up out of the river bottoms to the farm after a 4 day snow storm. They killed and drained the blood out of 5 goats. Killing by extreme pressure / abrasive twisting to the head and neck without teeth marks and then one deliberate puncture each to both femoral and carotid arteries allowing drainage of blood (with no blood in, on animal or ground) During which they caused damage and left prints and hair on there entry and exit. This event took place less than 1,300′ from GLST where we photographed the large female BF carrying one of the suspected subjects. We have documented no less than 5 subjects in this family unit with surveillance and documentation for the last three years. Hundreds of prints, air,scat, audio, video etc. have been collected so far with ongoing reports and activity.

“These were both younger subjects and I think the older knew what he was doing and showing the smaller. I think they did this on their own being hungry youngsters. The unit usually avoids bringing attention to themselves. Most likely why they did not take the bodies back to the group.”

“At the scene there was footprints from two known BF subjects local to the area. The farm is within a stones throw from where we collect evidence of the group year after year. Aside from the foot prints, the broken door and latch, the hair on the door sills where they bumped their heads, hair on the gate posts they went over, the method of death and required size and strength needed etc… It was not only Bigfoot, but two subjects from the family unit referred to as “George” and the younger “Amos”.”

Research can be seen of the “GLST” (KX site designation) Bigfoot family unit at the below linked sites. Thank you for the interest.

KX-GLST research can be viewed at the following sites: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KXCRYPTIDRESEARCHGROUP/

Photos and data will be posted soon @ http://www.kryderexploration.com/

Our resources ($) for disclosure are extremely tight but we are trying to expand the KX web site so as there is an avenue to show all the detailed evidence and ongoing research. Thank you for your interest and support!

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