This video is the first full release of the encounter with the giant Bigfoot (Homo Sapiens Cognatus), including the previous day’s first in 5 year finds of the 23″ tracks. And the subsequent follow-up investigation the day following the encounter with hair recovered as well as other trace evidence validating the encounter.

23″ prints/ video of the 12′ male/ photo of the 7′ subject, hair etc… The encounter video at 1080i with twice the length originally posted plus the follow up investigation the following day. It starts with Bob and I entering, the finding of several BF subjects tracks as well as the 23″ foot prints of the giant male of GLST, subject A-1. The following day I go in to try to find more tracks, something defined with dermal ridges if possible. The prints from the previous day were of lower quality and had been somewhat disturbed. I end up tracking two smaller familiar subjects with 11″ and 13″ inch feet. Then I come across the strong odor of urine, like human but stronger… And upon entering the river bed from the opposing bank of trees, I smelled deer, fresh butchered deer…. A startling and concerning odor… It comes with a predator capable of catching and opening up a deer. And it had to be close. But I could not find the carcass… Then moving out onto the open sand and following hominid prints for maybe 75′ I came to the reason for the deer odor… Not the body, but the capture site. It was easy to make out the moment the deer was grabbed. And again a little bothersome as it was from the bank in the foliage. I followed the BF prints further and eventually saw a grey dirt pile on the other side of the river bed and went to look… That’s when I woke the giant male 57′ away from me by accident. He literally, instantly went from lying, up to quad position facing me in a flash of explosive movement, so loud it was unbelievable. I had to stop myself from running second after second. I can honestly say, I have been with sharks, bear and mountain lion, underground with rattle snakes and even injured by a BF juvenile with a rock…. and have never, even been that scared in my life. – We hear him smashing step after step, and you can easily get how much leaf litter he smashes with each foot. Another, smaller subject got up about 65′ to my left… This one I followed in… But could not find. Then I went in after the giant, and found it. Here we see video of him ( 12:15 ) as he looks at my raised hand and camera at a distance of 35′ to 40′. Then I get a shot of the smaller 7′ tall subject C-George’s head, ear and eye with a 10 meg SLR camera. We can hear him and the giant walking around breaking things, eventually intimidating me enough to retreat with a threatening vocal report.

Then, Bob and I return the following day to do a full investigation ( 39:55 ). We find collaborating evidence both physical and trace. We find prints, disturbed earth and damaged foliage consistent with the encounter. We discover and recover hair of the right type and color from the location I saw the giant raise into the foliage and other spots he went. Even verifying which major branches he broke at what times during the encounter, break by break.

Facebook link to photos of this BF group study: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.303872233066352&type=3

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