SC EP:101 We saw a big big… person [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak with two witnesses. It always interested me to speak with witnesses who have no knowledge of Sasquatch. My first guest is Kris who is originally from Washington State. Listen as Kris describes what he and his friend saw that day. He describes the “thing” as being a hermit with a long brown beard and having what appeared to be a brown fur coat on. He said what was weird about his encounter is that the “hermit’s” body was the same color as his beard and he seemed to walk through thorn bushes with no problem. He said at the time he was scared and there was just something strange about this person. Since then, him and his friend have always wondered if what they saw was a Sasquatch… “It was strange….the whole thing was strange,” Kris said.

A couple of years later Kris and his girlfriend were at the Ape Caves in Washington State and said that something kept throwing rocks and pine cones at him and his girlfriend. When they fled back to their car, something had thrown a branch at his car.

My final guest tonight is Melodie from Washington State who said that they moved into a cabin and shortly afterwards they started having strange events happen around her cabin. One night the creature got too close to the cabin and knocked over a ladder. Her boyfriend at the time ran outside with his gun. He came running back in and said, “It’s 9-10ft tall and hairy and I am not going after it and I am not going to shoot it!” Terrified they ran to the neighbor’s house.

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