SC EP:114 “It” was tapping on my window

My guest tonight is Carol from New Hampshire, she did not believe in Bigfoot. She has lived on her property for 20 years and noticed a lot of strange activity over the years. While living alone she witnesses “something” looking in her bedroom window.

She describes in full detail what she saw, she said that she was scared and looked away from the window and when she looked back it was gone.

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Years later her child came screaming out of that room saying “there was a monster tapping on the window” assuming it was over imagination of a child she thought nothing of it. Her daughter would continue to say “it” was tapping on her window. It was not until Carol experienced the creature tapping on a window that she realized something was going on. Carol thought she was going crazy and went to talk to her neighbors. Her neighbors have their property lit up with flood lights at night. The husband said that “something” keeps tapping on their windows at night and items from their yard keep coming up missing. Carol commented to her neighbors “maybe it was a bear?” to which the husband replied “It was no bear.” The wife said that she has seen “it” late at night, when she is pulling into their driveway.

Carol realized that she is not crazy and that they have Sasquatch in NH. She shares with us some of the strange encounters and experienced that she has witnessed over the years.

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