SC EP:115 The shooting incident

I am having website issues so I am opening this show to everyone. Tonight I will be speaking with two witnesses, one is a tracker from Canada and has spent many years working in the forest. He was replanting trees and was dropped in to a location by helicopter. He came across some human-like tracks but they were not human. Several years later he came across tracks that looked just like the ones he had seen before so he decided to follow them. He saw movement in the wood line and thought it was a grizzly bear but it was walking on two legs. When he got too close, it whistled in the opposite direction from him and that’s when he decided it was time to go.

My second guest had two encounters, one when he was a child and the other encounter was just a few years ago. The more recent encounter involves a shooting incident. The men thought they were shooting a bear until it stood up. The witness describes gorilla like behavior from the creature.

I will also be discussing the police officer incident in Texas.

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