SC EP:116 Reported Sasquatch Sounds

I hope all of the Dads who listen to the show have a great Fathers Day tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and release the show tonight. Have a great weekend

My guest tonight is Randy Savig who is a member of the MABRC, which is the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center.

You can visit their site at

Tonight Randy will be sharing his audio recordings from the field with us along with encounter stories that he has investigated and his own encounters. Randy grew up interested in Bigfoot because of his brother who encountered one when they were children. Later in life Randy was unable to work and had time to research the topic again. After his own encounter Randy decided to learn how to cut and edit audio and has focused on collecting audio every chance he gets. We will listen to Randy’s audio and compare it to other reported Sasquatch sounds. Randy will also share with us a family farm he investigated that had several strange things going on and how several family members saw the creatures.

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