SC EP:129 Creatures surrounded my camp site [Members] PREVIEW

This is a preview of a Members Only episode. To hear the full encounter and more, visit to become a Member.

Stu who is a listener here in Washington State shared his encounter. You might remember Stu from the Christmas tree episode. Stu went out to the area that has been active for a long time. I have received many reports from this area. Stu feels he might have interrupted a hunt. I want to thank Stu for giving us an update.

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack who had a terrifying night while camping. Jack had been taking anthropology and biology courses in college and decided to take the weekend off and go camping. This night would change Jacks life. As the sun was going down Jack heard what he describes as “whoops” in the distances. Once he had setup his campsite and it was dark he was surrounded by several creatures vocalizing. Jack said “I was pinned down, I didn’t feel like I could make a run for my truck…I did not know what these things were going to do or what they wanted, I was scared and felt like I was being hunted.”

This encounter went on through out the night and then they left. This night changed Jack’s life and he started researching Sasquatch. Jack has spoken to many witnesses and had a daytime sighting. The strangest event was hearing the chatter Jack said “It was like the Ron Moorehead recordings but it had a different tone.”

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