SC EP:135 Be careful what you wish for [Members] PREVIEW

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On tonight’s nights show I talk to two witnesses. The first witness is Holly who had a very close encounter with a Sasquatch. Holly was camping with her parents and had a very close encounter. She was out catching fireflies with her brother when a Sasquatch rushed at her from the bushes and she fell backwards. Her brother was so shocked he took off running. Holly got a really good look at the creature and says it had the look of disgust on its face. She describes the creature “rolling its lips back and and showing its teeth.”

The second witness is a researcher. Tracy has always had an interest in Sasquatch and spent his free time taking reports and going out to areas where recent sightings had been reported. He says “I have always believed people were seeing something and the evidence proved there was something out there, I just was not prepared to deal with what I saw. I was 20 feet from this thing and it was staring at me.”

Tracy said “I never planned on running into one of these things during the day, I am not sure I want to do this anymore or go into the woods anymore.”

Tracy said that he was not prepared for what he saw and goes into a full description on what he saw. Tracy also describes the fear he felt.

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