SC EP:136 A giant ape that must have escaped from the zoo

My first guest tonight is Jay. As you listen to tonight’s show take note of the apparent tool use that was reported by the witness. Jay who reported seeing a Sasquatch for almost 45min from his hunting blind, witnessed Sasquatch using a rock to bang on trees and listening for small animals. He also watched the creature use a stick to dig for grubs or smaller insects to eat. Jay’s encounter like others you hear on the show are a major contrast to people who will tell you that Sasquatch has special powers like cloaking and mind speaking.

He witnessed what he thought was a bear that ended up being a Sasquatch. The animal got up from sleeping, grabbed a rock and banged on a tree then pushed the tree over to retrieve either a possum or a raccoon. It then smashed the small animal into the tree in order to kill it. The Sasquatch took a bite of the small animal and tore the skin off before consuming it.Jay says “I thought it was an escaped ape from the zoo but as I sat and watched it from my hunting blind, I realized this was no escaped ape from the zoo this was something different…it was man-like but it wasn’t a man…I have never seen anything like this before…”My second guest tonight is Kim who is from Washington State. Imagine moving into a property and while out enjoying the country air, sitting on your porch you see a large ape-like creature running on two legs, crossing right in front of you.Being in shock at what you are seeing, here is a creature that is not suppose to exist right in front of you. Then seeing three smaller monkey-like creatures running on all fours following the larger creature. As you watch the smaller ones you look up to see the larger creature has now stopped and turned around and it is staring at you, seeing what you are going to do. That is what happened to my second guest tonight. She was so shocked she called her landlord thinking the landlord might say she is crazy but the landlord said “oh…yeah…they are real and on the property, the property has a long history of activity. In fact the BFRO had rented the house out before you because there was so much going on out here.” The home is in such a remote location that the witness stated “I do not have any neighbors…I wish I did I would go ask them if they have seen these creatures before.”The area where the encounter took place has a long history of sightings. I am planning to visit the property to take a look around. When I do I will report back.

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