SC EP:138 The watcher in the woods [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak to Frankie who had two encounters with Sasquatch. The first encounter he had one cross right in front of his car. He was not sure at the time what he saw that night. He said “Now I understand that I saw a Sasquatch but at the time I really thought it was an overgrown orangutan…” Frankie also had another encounter with something large growling at him by the Sabine River in Texas. Frankie says “If you would have asked me at the time I would have said it was a lion growling at me…”

The final guest tonight is Mike Duplar, author of “The Watcher In The Woods.” Mike is an interesting person to speak to because he started out as a ghost hunter and started looking into Sasquatch. I compare and contrast the two topic and it is interesting to get Mike’s take on this topic because he feels that Sasquatch is a flesh and blood creature.

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