SC EP:14 Bigfoot Hunt Gone Wrong & a Hunters Encounter

This week we bring you the – ‘Bigfoot Hunt’ Goes Wrong, Ends With Man Shot, Three Arrested. We also bring you Danny, Danny wrote the show and said “hi wes and woody i listen to your shows everynight at work and it gets me by the night my granfather and i had taken a trip to tenn we were in the smokeys and i was probly 11 years old so we are in the smokey mountains and we were staying in this little motel and behind it was pine trees straight up the mountain well my grandpa and one of his co workers and grandson was with us and ive always been a hunter and fisherman so our grandads said could go fishing in the little stream behind the motel well across the stream there was a gravel bank and then it went straight into the mountain so u had fifteen feet of vis ability across the bank well like u guys i started geting a feeling we were being watched and we smelled what smelled like a person that had bo and sprayed by a skunk and pee so i started getten very nervous and this is at duskwell my dumbass had my shoes off before all this playing in the creek well this thing comes out of the woods it looked to be 4 foot tall it sat down on the opposite bank my eyes are watering telling u this right now and im 30 now but it started throwning rocks in the stream and was watchen us well my littlevfriend and i got so scared we took of running up to the hotel well i had left my shoes down there well my grand dad made me go get em i was crying screaming when I went back it was gone but it had real thick black hair i dont know if it was got its winter fur or what but it had fingers like us except its thumb looked difrent and it was weird the way its legs were looked like it wad sitten and squatten at the same time i beleave it wad courious juvenile and saw kids but i have a recent encounter”

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