SC EP:142 Retired Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out

Rocky Elmore will be my guest Friday night. He is a retired United States Border Patrol Agent. He shared with me a scary Sasquatch encounter he was involved in. The agents were tracking illegal aliens coming across the border when the agents were told that a “large predator” was tracking them and the commander was watching this creature through the scope. A command was given that all agents were to return to their vehicles. Later he was told by his supervisor “I do not know what it was but it was bi-pedal,it walked like a man but was not a man and it was giant compared to the rest of the agents… was stalking you guys and matching you step for step.” The Supervisor was afraid that this “thing” was going to harm the agents that’s why he told everyone to return to their vehicles.

Rocky also ran into some employees of The Bureau of Land Management in a very remote location. Rocky says “I came up on these employees who were with the The Bureau of Land Management. I asked if this was an area where Sasquatch can be found. I just had my encounter and I said it in a joking way so that they could not make fun of me. To my surprise one of them said……yes they are up here, we have been tracking a group from Otay Mountain down through the wilderness and we think they are traveling with younger ones because we found prints of a very small creature along with some very large prints.”

Rocky also talks about one of his supervisors along with 30-40 illegal aliens being chased up Otay Mountain by a “Monster.” Rocky said the descriptions given match that of a Sasquatch.

I also ask Rocky about some of the stranger things he has run into while out on patrol and he shared several stories.

If you have had an encounter email me

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