SC EP:144 Two very different encounters [Members] PREVIEW

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I will be speaking to two guest who had two very different encounters. My first guest is Craig who is a life long hunter and has spent a lot of his time in the woods. Craig had a scary encounter with a Sasquatch.

The event terrified him so much he jumped from his tree stand and quickly made it to his car, he says “I was shaking so bad it took both hands to get my keys in the ignition…”

My second guest is Eric. Eric was returning home one night with some business associates when they saw a creature on the side of the road, Eric says “As we drove by I was about 6 feet away from this thing…looking up at it.” This event happened several years ago and Eric decided to start looking into this topic. Several years later he had a close daytime visual and writes ” He stretched straight up his eyes grew wide he paused for a second then turned to the right (my left) took a step and dropped down off the bank, disappearing.

It had a large head with very predominate facial features. It had no facial hair and very little neck. It had a short forehead with the head slopping back. It had dark eyes large cheek bones and a wide flat nose. the mouth was wide with what looked like thin lips. The shoulders were at least 48” wide and the chest was hairless. from the chest to the waist wasn’t strait down. As in its body was built like a body builders and came down to the waist in a V shape. The hair was a dark Brownish red and the skin color was also dark. That of a native American or middle eastern culture.

As it turned it stepped with the left leg leading the step it took was every bit of 6′ before dropping down and disappearing. As I mimic the movement and speed we put the sighting at 5 to 6 seconds. We averaged the distance from where I was to where it stepped out to around 100 yards. We returned the following day 8-23-15 and followed the channel back to where it stepped out. I am 6’1 and the brush was about chest high to me, and I saw from its head to it’s waist line. We did find a track way up to the spot it was seen with a matted down area where it stood. We also found a print that was 16”L from back of heel X 10”W from outside edge of the big toe to outside edge of the little toe that we did cast.”

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