SC EP:146 Frightening encounters and Tribal Beliefs [Members] PREVIEW

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I will be speaking to a member of tribe in South Dakota. She writes “One question that keeps coming up is the dichotomy between natives view that Sasquatch is a guardian and yet at the same time keeping our kids close ready to lock and load. Its the same as if a mountain lion or coyote was coming up to your house, its not typical behavior. If they are coming up to your house they are not scared and the chances of being attacked are great. The same applies to Sasquatch. If a Sasquatch is coming up to your house they are not wary of you and are likely looking for something, this is not good!

We had it or them come to my parents house frequently in the late 80s early 90’s.They terrorized my family to the point where we had the tribal police sitting below our house and at different points along the creek. It was really scary. The creature would come up and knock on the upper part of the house. Our dogs would go nuts, you could always tell when they were around because the coyotes would start howling and yelping like crazy. It was not a pleasant experience, they are frightening.

Also I wanted to thank you for sticking to your guns and continuing to educate people that these beings are not to be toyed with.”

My guest tonight is Laura. I spoke to her sister in EP:58 and Laura gives us some background on what was going on around her parents property. Laura describes a large creature banging on the house and shares with us her own personal encounter. Laura shares how the tribe views these creatures and stories around the reservation.You will not want to miss this one.

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