SC EP:147 The Chewbacca Man

I have a story in my past that I have never told except to my Dad and best friend, either of whom ever believed me until this week.

My best childhood friend called me this week and said, ”Remember that weird story you told me about the Chewbacca Man? Well I believe you now buddy!” He had an encounter this past weekend in East Texas and for some reason he’s a believer now! Let me explain. When I was about 11 years old. My Dad was a land developer in east Texas around Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn Reservoir. He would buy lake side plots of land and get a surveyor to break it down and Dad would sell the lots. He developed a few campgrounds this way. I grew up in a small town in Deep east Texas around the Sabine and Angelina National Forest just above the Big Thicket.

Every so often my Dad would go see the surveyor to discuss business. Mr. W, the surveyor had his office in a small building beside his house.The surveyors house was way outside of town down a FM road in the Sabine National forest. Dad would ask me to come along sometimes because the surveyor had a son about my age. The boy’s name was Tommy James “TJ”. He was really a couple of years younger than me but Dad just thought I would like to come along for the ride. Mr. W and my dad would discuss land and I would go play with TJ. At this time I think I was 11 and TJ was 9. TJ had a dirt pile in his back yard we usually played in. We were playing and TJ suddenly said ” There’s a Chewbacca man that lives down that trail there”, pointing to a thin trail in the back left corner of his back yard. “Do you wanna see it?”, TJ said. I said “Chewbacca lives back there?” “Yes” TJ said, “He’s a Chewbacca man.”

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