SC EP:149 Encounter with two creatures [Members] PREVIEW

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I will be speaking to two witnesses. The first witness is Rick from Wisconsin. Rick was working on a construction site in a remote location when he got off of his dozer to relieve himself in the woods. As he looked down an embankment he saw what he thought was a bear until it got up and walked off like a man. He soon realized he was not looking at a bear nor was it a man. He says “I had no clue what it was at the time and a little one was following it. The little one would get up on two legs like a child then go back to all fours, it was the strangest thing I ever saw.”

I will be also be speaking to Tyson. Tyson writes “Three years ago, I was working as a teacher and mentor for a school for “At Risk” youth. Each year they go on a two week camping trip in the Uintah mountains. The state allows them to use this property that is out on the edge of nowhere. The scene is on a flat, cleared area up to the river. On the other side of the river was the summit of the mountain. The area past the mountain is vast and no one was, or even could camp there. Much of this land is only accessible on foot or horseback. Atv’s are illegal here. The one bridge to cross the river was on this property. When I signed up for my shift, I chose to do night security instead of working during the day. Monitoring kids in the wilderness for that long was not my idea of fun. Night security was responsible for doing a head count every hour. The kids are never allowed out of their tent and if a bathroom break is needed, they had a sign to put outside the tent. Upon seeing this, I would escort them to a tree of my choosing. These kids rarely woke up for this however, since they aren’t allowed liquids after 7pm and most of them are prescribed sleeping pills.

On our 2nd night, my rounds went without incident until 4a.m. Normally after doing my count, I’d go back to my shack. My wife texted me and since she wasn’t asleep I figured I’d call her. I couldn’t believe my luck that there was even cell service up here! I was almost whispering while talking to her, careful not to wake the kids. I walked without my light on down to the river bank. The moon was high and pretty full this evening. I remember thinking how beautiful this seen was. I could see everything in the moonlight alone. The river was raging in full swing with the runoff. Because it was so deep, the water ran un-obstructed and therefore made little sound. On the opposite bank, there was VERY dense brush and trees for about 25 yards at which point the mountain peak went straight up around 400 feet.

During the next 20-30 minutes of standing there in near silence I heard a few limbs snap and what sounded like a rock roll down the mountain. No big deal…heard it before. Suddenly, directly across the bank from where I was standing, a raccoon yelled! He raised hell running through the brush along the river. I’ve heard raccoons many times, especially them fighting. This was different. He was trying to get away from something. He ran down the bank weaving through the foliage. I asked my wife if she could hear it through the phone but she couldn’t. He continued until he faded out of earshot.”

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