SC EP:152 The roadside crossing [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak to Bryan who is from Oregon. He shares with us his encounters. His first possible encounter happened in California. He was staying in a cabin out in the woods. In the period of two different mornings he saw a very large figure walk across a 7ft tall window. The second time it happened, Bryan along with others found tracks coming out of the woods. Bryan has spent most of his life in Oregon and describes an encounter on Mt. Hood.

Bryan says “We were on a ridge line out dirt biking when one of the bikes ran out of gas. As we started to make our way downhill I noticed this huge figure on all fours. This thing was huge and I assumed it was a bear. The figure then stood up on two legs and started walking away from the general area into the treeline. It walked like a man. That is when my friend said “that’s no bear.”

“I was about 150-200 years out and this thing walked like a man but it was too big to be a man…..”

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