SC EP:157 Creature charged my big rig [MEMBERS] PREVIEW

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I am changing gears a little bit tonight I spent most of the morning speaking to a truck driver who says he hit one of these creatures. He talks about how he stopped at a rest stop and pulled flesh and hair he has never seen before off of his truck. He said that the creature hit the trailer and cause damage towards the rear of the trailer. He said the hair that was attached to the flesh was very strange it was about 2 inches long and very wiry like. His report is as follows “I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time about what happened in late March or early April of 2014, but my schedule is so busy it’s been difficult because I’m on the road all the time driving a big rig. Both my wife and I witnessed this. Before this happened, although I’m very open minded, I always assumed these creatures never existed. So it was not something that interested me.

I am an owner/operator and mostly run in the western states. I live near Los Angeles and usually take a load from there to Vancouver, Washington two to three times per month. I take the 5 freeway to Vancouver where I pick up another load after delivering the first one. I usually drive alone, but sometimes my wife comes with me, as she did this time.

It was around 10PM one night. We fueled up in Weed near Mount Shasta where there’s a Pilot truck stop then got back on the 5 and headed north for the Oregon border. A few miles down the mountain there’s a final corner before you come into a valley just about a mile or so from a rest area just north of the corner. The load I was hauling was fairly heavy, so between the load, truck, and trailer I was pushing 75,000 pounds; over 35 tons. My wife was in the passenger seat.

I had just rounded the corner at highway speed when a blur of movement to my left and up ahead caught our attention. Between the north and southbound freeways there is a 30-40 foot wide space. The “blur” was coming straight toward my truck. At first glance it appeared to be flying over the ground. So in that initial half second I thought it was a large piece of black plastic blowing over the road. Then both my wife and I realized it was covered in black fur and on all fours. It wasn’t trying to run across the freeway before I got there. It was “charging” straight at the truck from my 10 o’clock. I was going about 60 and my best guess is it was moving about 35-40 miles per hour.

In that second or two I had to react we both braced for impact because it looked like it was going to hit the driver’s side bumper or my door. They always tell you in trucking school that if an animal runs out in front of you not to swerve or slam on the brakes. Just hit it. Otherwise you could end up dead. Unlike cars, if you wreck a big rig you will most likely be killed because you have tons and tons of weight behind you that will come right through the tractor and pulverize everything inside, including you.

So that’s what I did. I let off the gas, but held tight to the steering wheel and braced myself for this thing to hit the tractor. Luckily it hit the trailer instead. I watched it flash by my side of the truck and below me, from my vantage point about 9 feet up from the ground. We felt a heavy thump behind us on the trailer but nothing that caused me to lose control. I looked in my side mirror. The trailer lights lit up the freeway behind me.

There was a huge black motionless lump right in the middle of the freeway. It was on the lane divider line and easily took up half of each lane on either side of the line.

My wife and I both shouted out a few four letter words. You know, “What the @#&$ was that?! Did you see that?!”

Anyway, gotta wrap this up. There’s more details but it’s getting late and I have to get up early and drive. I’d be interested in talking to you about this.”

My second guest this evening reported a lot strange experiences around his home growing up. He said that something would slap the side of their home in the middle of the night. He says that his dog ended up dying from internal injuries. He said it was a very large German Sheppard that was not afraid of anything and would fearlessly chase after predators in the area. He said after his dog was killed he went out on the porch to smoke and heard what sounded like laughter coming out of the wood line.

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