SC EP:159 The Campsite Stalker [Members] PREVIEW

This is a PREVIEW of a Members Only episode. To hear the full encounter and more, visit to become a Member.

My first guest is Russ who had two encounters. The first encounter was in California. He was hunting with his family in 1971 in the Sierras. One night they were camping and there was a large creature on the hill watching the camp. The witness reported seeing eye shine as if the creature was pacing back and forth. Russ explains “My step father started yelling at this thing thinking it was a person and threw a rock up the hill at it. We were convinced it was a person because it started throwing rocks back, I did not know anything about bigfoot. The next morning we decided to scout for the hunt. We went up the hillside and that is when we found barefoot tracks everywhere on the hill, they were about 17 inches long and the tracks were in a straight line. We returned to camp and that is when my friends dad came running back into camp white as a ghost saying “That was no bear….no way….its huge! Its not a bear!” my friends father said it grunted at him and stood up. He was 6’3 and he said he was tiny compared to it”

My second guest is Jon who is from Georgia. He said “back in the early 70’s I was hunting with my cousin and we slept in a trailer out on this property. One night this thing started slapping and banging on the trailer. We were terrified because it was pacing the trailer in a circle and it stay there until the sun came up. Flash forward to a few months ago and my same cousin who is a police officer had an encounter on his property. He walked outside and saw what he describes as an ape bent over looking in his goat pin. When the creature noticed my cousin looking at him he took off, he said “I have never seen anything move like that, this thing jumped a 5 foot fence like it was nothing.”

My third guest is Shannon who is from Missouri and she shared with me ongoing activity on and around her property. Shannon says “A couple of years ago the lumber company clear cut about 40 acres of land just north of my property. I started hearing strange sounds in the woods and one night a creature had walked up to my back door. As I got off of the couch I could see it from the waist up. It had its back to me and the one thing I thought was strange was it was not as big as people describe, it was large don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t the King Kong type people describe.

We have had pets go missing, we have heard this strange chatter at night around the house. One night I went out to the backyard to yell at the dogs who were going crazy in their dog pin. As I stepped outside to yell at the dogs, I saw a very large creature over by the pin. I was scared and ran inside the house. Later that night my son saw the same creature sitting in the field behind our house. The next morning we were missing a puppy from the dog pin.”

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