SC EP:160 Multiple Incidents

Tonight I speak with two guests. My first guest shares with us three separate incidents that happened to him.

1. Lake Tahoe April 27, 1980. Mike Swank and I climbed up to the top of ” Manny’s Cave Rock” US 50, north of Stateline, Nevada to watch the jet boat try to break some record on the lake. Manny and Pat climbed up after us, we turned to say they had missed the first run and behind them was a monster. We looked at each other, turned back and it was gone. We watched the boat’s second run and saw it explode after it hit a branch or log in the water. I stood where this thing had been, behind a large rock. It’s knees were about the same level as my waist. I am 6’6″ tall. We never said a word to anyone. I told Luke the story about 3 years ago.

2. Brown County State Park, east of Nashville, Indiana spring of 1990. I was operating a crane during a change-out at Otis Elevator in Bloomington, Indiana 7 12 hour shifts for 2 weeks. My cousin was getting married in Columbus the next day and I was going to stay in Columbus, go to the wedding, then back to Otis for the last half of my shift. About 1-1:30 am I was coming to the entrance to the state park, in the middle of the road a guy was doing jumping jacks trying to get me to stop. I pulled over, pulled out my Rugar 10-22 just in case and stepped out of the van. Something was on the north side of the road about 30 ft. up. This guy was scared to death, I jumped back in the van, unlocked the door and he dove in. We were being pelted with good size rocks. The guy had crapped his pants and I don’t blame him. In the rear view we could see the silhouette of this thing, it was big and pissed. We stopped at the gas station about a mile east and he changed into a pair of sweats I had in the back. We did not go back to check out what the thing was or if it was still there.

3. Columbus, Indiana Sept 12, 2015, dusk. Sky was still blue and sun barely up. In the back yard with the dogs, heard a pack of coyotes, thought they were taking down a deer. Put the dogs in, grabbed a 12 gauge pump and 7 rounds of dove shot, walked about 250 yards into the woods. No sound, nothing…. went into the clearing where I have spotted the coyotes before but nothing. Looked around and started to go further into the woods when I heard a buck snort, then a second off to my right. It sounded like a steam engine, then I heard something moving to my left flank and I chambered a round, never saw anything but heard a lot of huffing and snorting. After I backed out of the clearing, a large stone was thrown over my head and I walked backwards for about 150 yards, something was parallel to me the entire retreat. Went back to the house called my son in Ohio, he told me to go to the dock and listen for movement across the pond. Never got there, something was on the west side of the house, got the shot gun and followed the clicking and bird calls to the side of the barn, got a yellow streak, even though I had deer slugs and came back to the house. Went into the woods about 1 on Sunday the 13th and their was coyote parts and pelts and blood just behind where I stopped. Have not returned to the woods since.

I will also be speaking to Tony who is a truck driver and had an encounter while on the job. He will talk about some recent sightings that he just had and talks a little bit about his research. Tony saw a creature on two legs running a long the highway.

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