SC EP:166 A drone pilot’s encounter [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak to Waylon who is from Texas. Waylon is a commercial pilot and had two encounters with what we call Sasquatch. He talks about his first encounter and how he was camping and this creature walked up to his camp. Waylon says “My brother told me to wake up and look….I slowly sat up and looked to where he was pointing and I saw what appeared to be a chimp.

It than stood up and it was big, the expression on its face did not change, it did not make any noise. It was strange it just stood there watching us. We became terrified and ran back to my home which was only a mile or so away. The creature followed up and was pacing us in the woods. We finally made it to my house and I told my dad what happen.

I thought for sure he was going to give me a hard time but to my surprise he did not, in fact he wanted me to take him back to the area to which this happened. My grandparents were full Comanche and my grandmother would warn us about these things. Later in life I joined the military and had another encounter where I got a pretty good look at the face.”

Waylon is a drone pilot and shares with us some of the technology they are using and how it might help in the search for these creatures.

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