SC EP:168 That was no bear [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak to Chris who is from South Carolina. Chris says “I always thought Bigfoot was a joke…all of that changed the night I went camping in the mountains.” Chris and his friend decided to take a trip camping to get away from it all.

Chris goes on to say “It was just starting to get dark and we were trying to get a fire started and that is when we heard it coming down the mountain. It was breaking branches the size of my legs all the way down the mountain…the branches were so large it sounded like a gun going off, you know what I mean that POW sound.”

Chris stated that the creature started grunting like a gorilla, growling and throwing rocks at them. “I have been in the outdoors my whole life and I have never experienced anything like this. I have ran into bears several times and this was no bear.”

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