SC EP:170 That uncomfortable feeling [Members] PREVIEW

This is a PREVIEW of a Members Only episode. To hear the full encounter and more, visit to become a Member.

Tonight I sit down with Mark Zaskey and give the audience an update on our trip to Yacolt. We discuss what happened up at the mountain.

We have over 3 hours of film Mark is editing and I will be posting to the website. Mark was able to capture something strange from the wood line. We will be discussing the whole trip and also be speaking to Cheryl who talks about her aunts home in Ohio and the strange activity around the property.

Cheryl writes “My aunt said that she had Sasquatch on her property. She would say that she would hear them all of the time around her property. She said that they would come up to the house and slap it at night. She also said that she found her dog, dead with a broken neck. My aunt was never afraid of the creatures.

My cousin went to stay the night over there and decided he was going to take a walk in the woods to find out what was making the noise and he came face to face with a Sasquatch. He said it looked like a caveman.”

This show is going to be a part 1 of 3. I plan on having Cheryl’s aunt and cousin on the show.

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