SC EP:171 It was acting like a crazy person throwing a tantrum

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason who had an encounter a year ago in Kentucky. He says “We were out in this field and quite a distance away I saw what I thought was a big dog walking on all fours then it stood up. It was looking right at us and started throwing a tantrum. It threw it’s arms in the air and started waving them like it was frustrated. The creature then started pacing back and forth. It did not look like it was eating well.

The creature then walked into the wood line and I thought it was gone. The creature stepped back out of the wood line and started picking up clumps of dirt and throwing it in our direction. The creature was not really that big, maybe 6 feet tall. Prior to all of this we found human-like tracks and just brushed it off as someone walking around without shoes on, which made no sense but if you do not believe in Sasquatch what other conclusion could you come to?”

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