SC EP:173 I heard my name being mumbled from the trees [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I speak to a witness who shares with us three different encounters he has had over many years. The first encounter really shook him up. He was out on a camping trip when something decided to come into camp. The location is very remote and the witness talks about the eyes of the creature and the reflective light coming off of them.

What shook the witness up the most is when he thought he heard his name being mumbled to him while he could hear this thing moving around the camp. The witness reports “It was a long hike in and a couple of times my buddy was way ahead of me and he would yell my name and tell me to look at this or look at that. As I sat around the campfire I heard my name being mumbled from the tree line where I had seen the eyes about 8 ft off of the ground. It was a weird night, one I have been unable to forget.”

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