SC EP:174 Hairy arm reached in the van’s passenger window

Tonight I speak to two guests. My first guest is Josh who was riding on some ATV’s with his family when they came across a strange creature that was watching them. Josh and his brother were on the trail riding their ATV’s when Josh’s brother stopped ahead of him. Josh said “As I came around the corner my younger brother was stopped and was pointing so I stopped and looked and that is when we saw it…..”

I also speak to Eric who had probably who had some very interesting encounters, Eric writes:

My first experience occurred in either summer 1993 or 1994… My friends from high school and I went to Cave River Valley near Campbellsburg, IN, which at the time was privately owned (it is now a state-owned natural area). We stopped by the owner’s house, paid for a few nights of camping and received the key to get past the iron ranger blocking property access. The property was magnificent. The upper section of the property was about 60 feet above the valley floor and had two camping areas. The valley was wide and covered in sparse grass and hard packed dirt along with an old log cabin. A creek ran through the valley. There were also several caves – River Cave, Endless Cave, Dorsey’s Cave. We spent the first day setting up camp near the park entrance and exploring the caves. Nothing odd or strange was noticed.

We started cooking dinner over the campfire at nightfall and enjoying a couple of beers apiece. After dinner, we were all sitting in chairs around the campfire and heard the clear sounds of footsteps coming up the hillside to our east. This hill was a *very* steep grade. The footfalls were consistent and sounded like someone walking normally. All of us turned around and watched, expecting someone to crest the hill. The footfalls stopped at the top of the hill. We waited a few seconds and began calling out to this “person” in a friendly manner. We waited a few more seconds and began to get nervous. No one had any weapons – if this is a hermit who wants us out of here, we have no way to defend ourselves. Then we heard this “person” take off running in the brush and deeper into the woods. We could follow the path taken aurally, leading to the north and away from us. Whoever was running out there did not slow down, make any effort to be quiet and was moving very quickly. The runner got to a point about 500 feet away from us and the sounds stopped. Once we all got our wits about us and discussed what had just happened, two of us (myself and my friend who was 6’ and 300 lbs.) decided to investigate. We began walking towards where we last heard the runner and stopped at the edge of the firelight. My friend went to the west and started moving north on the dirt road and I headed directly towards the last location of the running sounds in the woods. I may have taken 5 steps when an ear-splitting scream erupted from the darkness.

While I am no Les Stroud, I am not unfamiliar with the woods, animal sounds and the general cacophony of nighttime in the forest. I’ve heard all manner of animals scream – foxes, rabbits, owls, coyotes. All of them make sounds far louder and stranger than you’d expect. However, even when close by, I’d categorize their sounds as startling but never (to me) ear-splittingly loud. This scream hurt my ears and made me back up. I could physically feel it…

We spent the night sleeping in a van rather than tents. Everyone was freaked out but no one wanted to say it… About 3AM one of the guys woke up and screamed he’d seen a hairy arm reach in the van’s passenger window (all windows were open to cool off the interior and allow the horrible odors we were emitting to escape)…

The next summer, three of us went back and camped in the valley. We spent the day exploring the log cabin, caves and trails. We went rock climbing. We had a great time. When we came back to where our cars were parked, one of the cars had been spun around and moved a good 20 feet away from where it had been parked. There were large scuff marks all over the ground, but no foot prints and no detail. We chalked it up to locals being jerks, though we’d neither seen nor heard anyone in the area. We then set up a 3 man tent, cooked dinner and sat in the cool creek water to relax. About 1AM or so, we all went to bed in the tent. Very shortly afterwards, both of my friends were snoring when I heard distinct footfalls above us at the top of the valley. I then heard the sound of something sliding down the valley wall. Each slide (4 in total that I recall) came with a several minute pause in between. It took a good 30 minutes or more for this sliding creature to reach the valley floor. Once at the valley floor, all was silent until I heard two distinct splashes in the creek (it would have taken me 4-5 steps to cross the creek). Whoever or whatever this was, it was now in our camp…”

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