SC EP:175 That feeling of being watched [Members] PREVIEW

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How many times have you been somewhere and all of a sudden you have a feeling of being watched? Have you ever been in a situation and you feel like something is not right but you cannot put your finger on it? Why do we get tunnel vision in high intense situations? Have you ever been in a group of people and you do not like someone but you cannot explain why? Have you ever been so upset or mad that you feel hot from about the neck up?

What causes this?

Cliff Ribaudo writes “The other day you mentioned you were thinking to bring a Psychiatrist on to discuss the feeling of being “watched” and which people have reported while in the woods. It prompted me to write because I don’t think you are going to get a very useful explanation from those quarters. I suggested that what you really needed was someone who had a serious enough background in the Eastern and Western esoteric and psychic systems and who could explain a little about the psychic faculties of man and animals and how this phenomena works. As it turns out I have 35 years of meditation and study and also a fair bit of time studying Yang style Tai Chi, and think I can help the listeners to get a better understanding of the esoteric “anatomy” and how this phenomena works. It IS a real phenomena and can be explained.”

I was surprised how grounded Cliff was in traditional science when I spoke to him. It was fascinating to speak to Cliff and get a clearer understanding of this phenomena of being watched. Below is Cliff’s bio. I really hope you guys enjoy tonight’s show, sometimes it is important to take a step back from encounters to understand some of the things going on around the encounters you hear.


I’m the CEO of, we make services for mobile Apps. I’m also the Author of iPhemeris (, the #1 Professional Astrology software in the iTunes App store and on Mac. I’ve always worked in Tech as either a co-founder of startups or in upper management. My first company (which I started at Colgate University) went public as Rogue Wave software.

At Colgate I studied, Computer Science, Physics and Economics and my educational background and interest has always been science. But, I’ve also always been interested in various forms of the Eastern Sciences as well. It was my studies in Physics that led me into Eastern Sciences because in the areas of Relativity and Quantum mechanics there are Philosophical implications about the nature of reality and consciousness that are better handled and explained by eastern forms of Philosophy… and quite frankly those systems have been around a lot longer. The ones that I initially found most helpful were the Hindu Vedic and Tibetan Buddhist systems, although I also looked at Zen Buddhism briefly. Subsequently I got interested in the Western forms of these sciences as they were promulgated by HP Blavatsky and others who came after her.

For me there never has been a difference between the various forms of these sciences and any “real” scientist in either one (Eastern or Western) observes the data, does the “experiments” and goes where the science leads you. Science is not supposed to be a belief system. You are supposed to hold the current hypotheses as operative until the data tells you otherwise, and in the area of Bigfoot or Sasquatch there is A LOT of data indicating it is a real thing. Not the least of which are the hundreds of thousands of reported sightings and likely millions of observations. I am not so arrogant as to assume I know it all and when every single native tribe in the U.S. tells you these things are real and are out there, you have to take it as a hypothetical reality until you actually see one for yourself.

I started meditating daily at the age of 20, doing a form of meditation known as Raja Yoga or meditation with seed thought and have been at it for the last 35 years along with various other studies including many years study of a Martial form of Tai Chi known as Yang Style Tai Chi. In that system you learn to sense, develop and manipulate the Chi as part of a fighting form that takes many, many years to develop. I’ve seen my Sifu, and Sifu’s Sifu doing some real “crouching tiger hidden dragon” stuff first hand. So in that system one learns to feel and manipulate the Chi. Most western Physicists will scoff at it… but I’ve been literally knocked on my ass by it 🙂 So for me it’s real. And it is this energy that is in part related to the phenomena of being watched.

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