SC EP:176 Hunter watches Sasquatch from ridge

I will be speaking to “D” and he writes “I was walking to my hunting spot late one afternoon and I saw a creature break a tree. This thing was wounded in the shoulder and it’s left arm hung limp. I don’t know if it was shot or hit by a car but it’s arm wasn’t being used. I was heading to my spot an it had rained the night before, it was the 2nd day of buck season. This creature broke a 6 inch tree using its right foot and it’s right hand.

I was squatted down in some mountain Lorele an watched it for about 10 to 12 min. The creature broke apart an old stump, I think it was eating ants. The creature milled around some and sniffed the air. I thought it could smell me but I was up on a ridge line. It looked around but I don’t think it ever knew I was there. I would like to speak with you and share with you the details of what I saw.”

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