SC EP:188 Sasquatch in a tree [Members] PREVIEW

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Tonight I will be speaking to three witnesses. My first guest tonight is Kyle. Kyle was out hunting when he heard a strange vocal and, as he decided to leave the area, he said a large creature jumped down out of a tree and landed on two feet. The creature then walked off on two legs. Kyle says, “It was strange I have never seen anything like this creature.”

I will also be speaking to Jamie who saw a white Sasquatch back in the 1970’s. Jamie says, “It was about 8 feet tall and the creature was white….I watched it walk into the tree line. This was the 70’s and no one was talking about white bigfoots….so for years I did not know what I saw.”

My final guest tonight is Robin who is from Washington State and Robin has had a couple of strange experiences, including her father who saw a round ball of light about 30 feet in the trees.

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