SC EP:189 Sasquatch is bad for business

Tonight I speak to Cory who is from Texas. Cory went on a commercial hunting trip in Canada. Cory had several strange things happen while he was on this hunting trip.

Cory says “After I arrived in Canada and was out in the middle of no where I heard tree knocks. It went on for along time. I asked the trip organizer what the noise was and he insisted it might have been a moose. Things progressed on this trip and I heard a very very violent vocal.

I have never heard anything like this before. It sounded like King Kong killing something, the creature was tearing apart something. The creature soon circled around my tree stand, I finally backed out of there slowly.I talked to the trip organizer and I am not sure if he knew about these creatures and they were bad for his “paid” hunting trips or if he truly had no idea.

This brought back memories of growing up on the family farm in Texas. We had a lot of strange things go on and around that property. My sister even saw what she describes as a “very large monkey walking on two feet back into the tree line. As a child I saw the creature on the property”

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