SC EP:190 It destroyed the logging equipment [Members] PREVIEW

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Join me tonight as I welcome Johnny to the show. Johnny says, “I came across a couple of your podcasts and the mountain giants podcast really hit home from a few experiences I had from over 20 years ago. When I heard the logger story it really freaked me out as it sounded just like what happened to my friend and I, especially since I have never heard anyone else mention anything similar ever. At first I thought it was the same logging crew but the events were a little different but very similar. I was on a trip out west and camping deep in a state forest in the middle of nowhere in Montana where they had just started clear cutting on one side of the virgin forest mountains. We were on the other side and could never have imagined what would happen over the next two days.

It is a long story but here is the short version, We ran into a local who was working security for the logging company and he was watching the equipment down the way and overall trying to find the protesters who were harassing the crew. He decided to stop and talk with us when a really bad lightning storm had hit the area. The guy working security asked us if it was all right if he hung out till the storm passed and we agreed.We spent time chatting and he said that they have been having trouble with what they thought were protesters. That night we all crashed out.

He unzipped our tent in the middle of the night in a frantic, he woke us up saying someone was out there and we needed to get up.

He walked out to the ridge line and said he is over there and every time the lightning would strike we would see a HUGE man-like creature coming towards our camp. This thing harassed us most of the night throwing boulders near our camp. Most of the boulders hit the water next to our camp. When I say this thing was huge it looked like Andre the giant.

There is a little more to the story but the next day we were going to leave and the owner of the company offered us $200 each in cash to stay another night and help the security guy because the security guy said he is not staying out there at night by himself and was going to quit. Now $200 was a lot of money over 20 years ago. We decided to stay because of the money and the head security guy was armed……I should have known better. The next night things got really bad. This thing had turned its attention to the logging equipment. It had smashed one of the bulldozers and damaged all of the equipment. It was tipping pieces of equipment over.

The next day when all of the employees arrived everyone just sat and looked at all of the damage and no one was saying anything. My friend and I got our money and left, the owner begged us to stay and help his security staff but I was not interested. I could not get out of that area fast enough.

Like I said there is more to the story but that is the cliff notes.

I would also like to share a non-bigfoot story, if it would be ok? This other thing I saw I have no explanation for and it has bothered me my whole life. My encounter on the logging site has bothered me my whole life as well but this other thing we ran into….I don’t know what to say.”

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