SC EP:193 Primal fear of being hunted

Tonight I welcome Jeremy to the show and he was recently out on expedition in East Texas and talks about his experience. Jeremy had a piece of concrete thrown at him in the middle of the night and then was roared at. He will be sharing this along with a short sighting he had while he was down there.

I will be also welcoming Robert to the show. Robert talks about an Appalachian trail encounter with “tall brown man.” The witness and his son were hiking and decided to stay in a shelter along the Appalachian trail when they encounter a strange creature the witness says “It was NOT a bear or a man.”

My final guest had a scary night hiking into a remote location. Ben talks about seeing the creature outside of his tent and being harassed all night by several creatures. The witness writes “Wes, I had an experience last year that left no doubt in my mind as to the existence of Sasquatch.

I told my dad about it and he said I should check out your show, he started listening after being screamed at in Idaho by an animal that he had never heard before and with a powerful set of lungs. I had a previous encounter the same year but was in denial about the whole thing. Its a pretty hard thing to wrap your head around…. The latter of the two experiences happened in a national park in Nevada while on a backpacking trip with a friend. The experience lasted around three hours starting at two in the morning. Ive never felt that kind of terror in all my life, it was like the primal fear of being hunted, there was more than one. There hasn’t been to many nights since that it hasn’t been in my thoughts as I try to go to sleep. I’m not a skittish guy and have logged more time in the woods than most people my age, thirty six by the way. I’ve been up close and personal with most of the big game animals of North America. My dad is a wild life artist and avid outdoors man and I was home schooled giving me the opportunity to spend countless hours in the back woods bow hunting, backpacking and exploring ect… I have never heard or seen anything like this before. I feel like it would help if i could talk about it with some one that knows the kind of fear that come’s along with running into to these things at close range. If you want get in touch with me and hear what happened I would love talk with you! you’ve got a great show and I’m sure that you have helped a lot of people by giving them a safe place to share stories that would other wise never be heard.”

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