SC EP:198 I know what I saw!

I welcome Ronnie to the show and Ronnie says “I came from the city and moved in with my mother in law who lived out in the country. In this area of Washington State it is very remote. One night I heard a creature breathing outside of my window.

I assumed it was a bear until it walked past the window. It walked over to my mother in laws window which was next to mine. My mother in law snores like a chainsaw at night and the creature mimicked her snoring as I went to the window to get a look at this thing the floor creaked. The creature turned and looked at me and growled. It was huge, the largest thing I have ever seen. I fell backwards and stayed in the corner of the room until the sun came up.

Looking back now I know this thing was around the property, I would go out to feed the horses and the horses would be acting strange and I had a weird sense I was being watched. At night I would watch TV and always felt like something was watching me. I started closing the shades on the windows. After my encounter I know what it was and I moved out within 48 hours. I am telling you Wes this thing looked like a gorilla on steroids standing straight up”

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