SC EP:202 Is that a gorilla!

I will be welcoming two guests on. My first guest is from Washington state. When he was a child he got on his bike along with other neighborhood kids and started riding to a friends house.

His friend had called him and said that “the bear is back and looking in the windows.” The boys wanted to see this bear and as they were riding up the road they came across this “bear.” He said this man-like creature ran across the road in front of them and retreated into the wood line.

The boys were unsure what it was but it was heading towards their fort in the woods so the boys got off their bikes and gave chase. My guest was one of the oldest boys and said that he caught up with this thing and it turned to look back at him and that is when he realized it was not a man or bear. He had no idea what he was looking at, he started screaming at the other boys to turn around and go back…..

My second guest writes “I saw Bigfoot along with my friend and two daughters on our way to Georgia from Arizona. It was around 2:00 a.m. coming around a curvy mountainous road in Tennessee.

We were only traveling about 20 mph around a sharp upgraded curve and boom, here stepping over a guardrail was a least 7 1/2 foot tall blackish greyish huge long armed hairy thing carrying a black trash bag which probably came from a campsite or something.

His arms hung low to his knees, he stopped like a deer caught in our bright headlights, he was as tall if not taller than our Chevy van. He stared straight at us and we were looking at him. We were only like 25 feet from him. Saw him clear as day. My oldest daughter came to the front of the van after she heard me and my friend freaking out and said Mom, is that a gorilla?!

He stood there at least 35 40 seconds before he proceeds to cross the road, stepped over the other guardrail and headed down in the woods. I had a camera and a video camera within reach but we were in such shock I didn’t even think to pick them up and use them. All I know is I stared at this thing long enough to know what I and my family saw. I will never forget it. I kick myself in the ass all the time for not clicking a picture. The car that came up behind us as we were stopped, well, I’m sure they saw it too.”

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