SC EP:215 The creature was looking at me intently

A listener writes “It was very early in the morning, maybe 1 or 2 am, day 3 of a five day backpacking trip, and I got out of my tent to relieve myself. I walked ten or 15 feet to go behind a tree, when I felt dizzy and had a strange urge to walk up the hill from our campsite. I had walked maybe a hundred yards or so up the trail, when I saw something squatted down in the trail about fifty feet from me.

It had one fist on the ground and was looking at me intently. I noticed then, that even squatted down, it was as tall as I was (5 foot 8 ). It was at this point I realized I wasn’t looking at a person, but I felt frozen to the spot and didn’t want to make a run for it. We stayed this way for a few seconds, then I heard something big crashing down the slope towards us.

The creature looked in that direction, looked back at me, made some sort of a grunt/guttural yell at me. When it yelled, it felt like it was telling me, get the hell out of here, something bad’s coming down that hillside. It stood up and loped down the trail away from me, and I made my run for it to the campsite. I sat by the fire with my hunting knife in my hand, jumping at the slightest noise, till morning. The next two days of the hike I didn’t say a word to anyone, and I’ve only told my longtime girlfriend and one good buddy about it since. Wes, what do you think it was i saw? What do you think was coming down the hill? Do you think I was in danger?”

My second guest was out for hike with his kids and he heard wood knocks around him and his kids. Several times he called out to whoever was making the noises but did not get a reply. Being ex-military he said that it appeared to be an L-pattern trap and whatever was making these noises were closing on his position really fast,too fast to by human. He said several weeks later he was in the area and it had snowed and he found these large footprints in the snow all in a straight line. He said a lot of strange things happen in this area and shares with the us everything that has been going on.

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