SC EP:248 Be careful what you wish for…

A couple of college kids take off to the woods to look for Sasquatch. After several hours of having fun, making calls and hitting tree’s a visitor shows up. I speak with Justin and he was with the group the night of the encounter. Justin was not sure if he wanted to come on the air and talk about the encounter.

He says “I always believed this creature was out there but I never expected to see one, in fact the night we were “looking” for Bigfoot was more or less just a night hanging out with friends and having fun. A lot changed after that night.

Here is a portion of the encounter “I kept scanning and I didn’t see anything. I asked my buddy to hold my flashlight so I could hop back down from the rock safely.

I looked up one last time as I was getting down from the rock and that’s when I saw it. A flash, so fast I could barely catch all of it. Just a glimpse but it was enough to put my heart in my throat and all the air in my lungs to leave. It was walking (fast) from one tree the next one over. It was covered in hair, long arm swinging behind it. I could see the butt, thick back, long legs; I could actually make out what I thought was maybe skin underneath some of the hair.

There were parts that were hairier than others. especially it’s head and shoulders. I thought I may have seen an ear but it was too fast to tell (it was small on this things head. I never saw the face that was already behind the tree along with most of the body. Just the back, butt, leg, some of the torso, and arm is mainly what At that point I was scared. I couldn’t really believe what I had just seen and it was still there…behind that tree we all had our lights on this tree. So what do we do?”

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