SC EP:25 Abducted By The Mountain Devil

A listener wrote the show who has had several experiences around Yacolt Mountain AKA Muppet Mountain. He says, “I have just recently found this broadcast and it is terrific. I have been listening to the older shows now, recent ones to say. I think it was in number 10 you mentioned the woman hiker that vanished in the Gifford. I wanted to share that I too have seen many things out there and I have been to the forest at least once every 2 months. I have seen many large signs about this woman who “Disappeared”. If I had to bet the farm, I think you know what I think, too..The summer of 2009 I accidently ran into one of these mountain men. I say accident because When I am out I am in complete Camo and face paint and such. I was wearking wooldland digital camo and walking down a road at about 3 pm. I walked right up to this this by chance and it was about 20 feet from me. I am unsure but something tells me it could not see me?. Since I was in all digital camo and blended right in. It was odd because once it seen me and I seen it we both froze.Too its right was the shoulder of the road and a 8 foot hill leading up into the forest, it turned and in on leap, jump?., Hop?. it was up that 8 foot hill and crashing through the forest busting all sorts of trees and the like.I was not afraid but more shocked by what had happend.This brief information may not interest you, but I assure you he is up there certainly and I think that woman who went missing was in my opinion abducted and wont be seen of every again. I think they got her. Where she was camped was about 5 miles from where I seen the one creature..and pelvey creek is just as close.”

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