SC EP:260 It’s eyes were real real evil, real sinister looking

Mike Wooley will be my guest tonight and he will be talking about his movie that is now available and retelling his terrifying encounter with two Sasquatch creatures while he was hunting. That day changed his life and Mike opens up how the encounter had a negative impact on his life.

I will also be speaking to Ben who writes “I’m not sure where to start, but here goes. I’m 37. I’m from middle Tennessee.

After reading and listening to probably thousands of accounts over the past 3 or 4 years, and listening to your shows for a few months, I think I may be ready to share my experiences.

To say I grew up in the woods doesn’t quite cut it. I have always preferred the company of trees over people. I was in my element in nature. I WAS the woods. It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend days, weeks, or even months out by myself. I loved it.

As a kid I would often hear or feel things that just didn’t fit. I would basically laugh it away or just ignore it. I KNEW what was out there and Bigfoot never entered my mind. Even when I saw what could only have been a young one when I was about 14. In the open on an old dirt road not 10 feet from me. Still never thought Bigfoot.

Even with all the stick and log structures that we knew “somebody” had to have made. The upside down trees. The rock stacks. The bare footprints. (Not overly large) The sounds. I don’t know how the connection was never made.

Then comes 2004. I was screamed at twice by “something” just a few months apart. I was alone both times. The first time was during the day. As scary as it was I reasoned it away. The second time I was standing on a bridge in the middle of a very dark night. It ran by within a few feet of me and screamed again! Even though it was so dark that I couldn’t actually see it, I could feel the bridge shake with each step. I couldn’t explain it this time. I have barely been back in the woods since that night.

There is much more to the story and many more things I remember from back when. I haven’t told many people about this stuff, not really sure where I would even start. Like I said, I never made the connection to Sasquatch until maybe 4 years ago.

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