SC EP:274 First Nations encounters with Sasquatch

om Sewid will be my guest, Tom is a Native Watchman from coastal British Columbia. For the next couple of nights I will be having Tom on to share with us encounters and stories from the First Nation people, I think you will really enjoy these next couple of nights. It is a great chance to learn about Sasquatch.

Thomas Sewid was born on a small island off northeast Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada called Alert Bay. This is the modern epicenter for the northern Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) First Nations Tribes, otherwise known as Canadian Indians. Raised with the rich culture and heritage of this coastal First Nations Tribe, he was brought up hearing the stories of the animal kingdom and seeing the great ceremony known as Potlatch. At Potlatch he has witnessed the ancient dances with carved masks and beautiful traditional regalia hosted in the great buildings known as Bighouse’s.

Raised to be a commercial seine fisherman from an early age he would work his way up the ranks to be a captain of salmon seine boats during the 1990s. Thomas has also participated in numerous other commercial fisheries throughout the entire British Columbia coast. During this time, he would meet other First Nations from throughout the coast and hear their stories pertaining to the Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

In his mid-twenties Thomas was sent out by his Chief and Council to the abandoned Indian Village known famously as Mamalilacolla, Village Of The Last Potlatch to be its care taker . The name is far from the truth, and Tom would educate the boaters and sea kayakers that came to this world famous site to see the fallen totem poles and Bighouse remains that the Potlatch ceremony was and is still alive to this day. Little did he know in the first year that the caretaking would lead him to give daily summer tours throughout this village educating all about the rich history and culture of his Tribe for over 25 years! It also turned his life around where instead of catching salmon during the summers he was now working in the Eco-cultural tourism industry of the B.C. coast.

Living in the bush world of his people he honed his skills to be a modern day bushman. One of the things that interested Thomas was the stories about encounters with large and small hair covered bi-pedal creatures’ visitors and local homesteaders had had in the region. He also began to wonder about some of the night time noises and strange happenings that were taken place while he was living out in the bush? Then came his encounter with two creatures and a few years later another encounter that set him on the course to be one of North America’s leading Sasquatch/Bigfoot researchers for he has deep insight into the First Nations stories and beliefs…”

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