SC EP:279 Encounters in Louisiana

I spoke to Branden and Hazel and they shared with me what is going on around their property.Branden said “I found human like foot prints but it was not human. Finding these tracks bothered me so much I had the game warden come out to the property to look at them. He said it wasn’t human and it wasn’t a bear. The ground was so hard during that time of year it was next to impossible to leave an impression but this track went down 3 inches or more.Whatever left those tracks was heavy. Several weeks later I saw what left the track. This thing was black and huge. I could see it trying to hide and when it knew I was watching it, this thing got up and ran through the bushes like a truck, knocking over everything in its way.

Hazel says “Late one night I went out to get something out of Branden’s truck and this thing was standing by the truck. It was about 8 feet tall and 1000 pounds. We have always heard whoops and whistles over the years but assumed it was the cattle ranches calling their cattle.”

-Jim Lansdale will be joining the show and share his thoughts on what is going on and around the property. He recently went out to research the property. Jim is one of the cast members on Killing Bigfoot on Destination America and team leader and co-founder of the GCBRO.

-Tom Sewid will also be stopping by to share a First Nation story with us about Sasquatch and the Booger Boy.

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