SC EP:283 Sasquatch and smallpox

Being distantly related to humans, Sasquatches would most likely suffer from various human afflictions as well, such as Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Polio, etc. etc.

If one pauses to take account of the European invasion and its effect on the Native American population, you must consider that the same diseases wrought upon the indigenous people could have also had drastic affects on Sasquatch populations.

It very well could be that those who survived the onslaught of European settlement were those who took refuge in the most remote places on our continent, those very places that even today, remain nearly impossible to explore. Had a disease like Smallpox virtually wiped out tribe after tribe of Native American’s, this same disease could have brought already small populations of Sasquatch to the brink of extinction.

Tom Sewid returns to the show this week to discuss Sasquatch and smallpox. He will be sharing with us what the First Nation people say regarding this.

I will also be welcoming researcher Jonathan Odom to the show and he will be sharing with us his encounters and why he got involved in investigating this topic.

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